Unlock the power of Geospatial analysis to provide solutions for various business usecases. Tailor-made custom solutioning/support makes Hexamaps Stand Out of the rest.

Our portfolio of services includes

Data Engineering

Spatial solutions require accurate, error-free data, improving the quality of your data is a vital aspect. Extract, transform, load the Geospatial data, building spatial process engine , Creating customised scripts for data migration and clean up.

Enterprise GIS Audit

Our consultants help you with brainstorming sessions to understand pain points of business needs. Audit existing system / propose future proof systems. A spatial eye for their real world problems

GIS Implementation & Upgrades

Providing exceptional service and availability to End users for the existing or proposed GIS implementation and upgrades

Web & Mobile GIS Solutions

Dashboards, Reports, Geoanalytics in Web and Mobile platforms are tailor-made to meet your business needs and peoples.

GeoAI Solutioning

Automatic Feature extraction, Fault/Defect analysis, Image classifications using Machine learning algorithm for the Drone/LiDAR data.

SME/GIS Resource Services

GIS Resource Services for specific business areas including Utilities, Smart cities, forestry, Defense etc., provides a spatial eye for their real world problems.


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