GIS in Transportation

Improve Operational Efficiency & Smart Mobility with GIS


GIS can aid in visualizing, monitoring and managing complex transportation planning. The use of GIS in transportation plays vital role in all kind of Transportation sectors including Roads & Highways, Transit, Airport, Railways & ports. This can improve mobility and ensures a safe and reliable access across regions of planning.
The major areas of applications include,

Planning & Development

Accident Analysis

Asset management

Traffic Modelling

Safety & Security

Feasibility Study

How GIS in Transportation

What Hexamap provides for GIS in Transportation?

Enterprise GIS Solution Deployment

GIS Desktop Customization

Data Migration

Dashboards & Reporting

Mobile Application for O&M

Integration with VTS and other Sub systems

What Hexamap provides for GIS in Transportation

Benefits of GIS in Transportation,

  • Integration of information for better decision making
  • Ability to have Detailed Project Report(DPR).
  • Create the optimum transportation network.
  • Identification of Trends and patterns.
  • Linear referencing system (LRS) integrated to provide actual distance measurement & Asset management.