GIS in Telco

Location Based Intelligence is fundamental for Digital Transformation of Telecom Services


Geographic Information System (GIS)-based telecom data aids in accurate planning of new network and seamless management of the existing infrastructure. Location intelligence is fundamental to communication services enhancing network planning, deployment, maintenance, operations, and even improve sales and marketing efficiency. Realtime tracking of Network assets like Splitter, OLT, ONT, Router etc., by integration with FMS,EMS & NMS enables Realtime decision making & Field force management.
GIS is used through out the cycle of Telecom project,

Network Feasibility

Network planning

Asset management

Location based intelligence

Operation & Maintenance

GIS in Telco

Benefits of GIS In Telecom

GIS is used for Telecom organization for their daily operations such as:

  • Optimize Network
  • Improve Decision making for operation
  • Simplifies planning for Future Network
  • Improve response time to network issue
  • Helps the field engineer for O&M Activity