GIS in Smart city

Smart City GIS is an integrated cross sectoral platform to collect, manage, compile, analyze and visualize spatio temporal information for sustainable urban planning, development and management.


A GIS centered information system providing an IT framework for Geospatial data and applications through every aspect of the city development life cycle. The customer centric GIS solutions are user-friendly, versatile, and can be integrated into any existing IT infrastructure with minimum cost and effort to the clients.

Planning and Design

GIS Data Analysis

Asset managemen

Real time Monitoring

Operation & Maintenance

GIS is central to Smart Cities?

What Hexamap offers in Smart city?

Geospatial Database Building

Enterprise GIS Deployment

Mobile Application

Data Migration

GIS Dashboard & Reporting

Integrations with ICCC and other subsystem

Benefits of GIS in smart cities

  • Improved Decision making
  • Simplified Future smart components planning.
  • Supports Field mobility and enhances O&M efficiency.
  • Decision support system for Urban planning and Infrastructure development.
  • Eases City surveillance and streamlines Crime Analysis.