Realtime Decision Support System

Emergency response by enhanced Decision making


Decision Support Systems (DSS) provide a framework to make better decisions by the end user via integrating database management systems, Real time analytical models and enhanced visualization tools. GIS based Realtime DSS enables on the fly decision making for complex real-world problem.

How GIS in Realtime DSS

What Hexamap provides for Realtime DSS?

Enterprise GIS Solution Deployment

Data Migration

Dashboards & Reporting

Mobile Application

Integration with Realtime sensors

Operation & maintenance

Benefits of Realtime DSS

Some of the major benefits of Realtime DSS, such as

  • Improves decision response time for complex problems.
  • Enhances the effectiveness with reduced cost.
  • Simulated model for the futuristic planning and mitigation.
  • Digital twin for forecasting and analysis of control parameters.
  • One-stop platform for Dashboard visualisation.