GIS in Forestry


GIS for forestry provides crucial information about the natural resources and helps to plan & manage in sustaining these resources. GIS can perform Forest cover mapping, comparative analysis, Forest Fire modelling , Animal tracking , landscape and Habitat planning, Further, the results of these analysis can be visualized and reported to support in tactical decision making.

How the GIS is used?

How GIS in Forestry

What Hexamap provides for GIS in Forestry?

Enterprise GIS Solution Deployment

Data Migration

Dashboards & Reporting

Mobile Application Development

Integration with ERP/SAP and other subsystem

Operation & Maintenance

Benefits of GIS in Forestry

Some of the major benefits of GIS in forestry, such as

  • Planning for Afforestation strategies.
  • Futuristic Resource planning.
  • Monitoring and tracking the movements of animals.