Future of Digital Twin (GIS + BIM)


3D/BIM GIS helps users to add dimension to their data. It helps to understand and visualize reality by acting as a digital twin. Integrating GIS and BIM data allows design and construction companies to collect accurate and valuable data that will lead to effective and efficient design. This gives a geospatial context to plans and improves project management.

GIS-BIM Data life Cycle

GIS is central to BIM/3D GIS

What Hexamap offers in GIS BIM/3D ?

Enterprise GIS Solution Deployment

GIS Desktop Customisation

Mobile Application for O&M

Integration with BIM Platforms

Customized Dashboards & Reports

Benefits of GIS In BIM/3D GIS

    Benefits of GIS and BIM integration in construction companies:

  • Move data seamlessly between design and construction process.
  • Improves design & enhances implementation.
  • Centralized data repository eliminating data redundancy and rework.